1. ViñetaBorn in Turin in 1978. Begins its journey into the world of music .. when he was fifteen , In a complex of reggae music where he discovers even as Djambè Percussion, Timbales and more ...  Reached 19 years old ... Embarks on a trip that will change 'his life forever. Arrived in India ... immediately falls in love with the friendly atmosphere that encounters between people who take part in Party in Manali-Parvaty Valley & Goa Beaches ..... .  After returning from that trip decided to plunge into the world of music Tekno - Elettronic music-trance and then PsyTrance ..! . Today is a Dj Manager and Promoter of his Crew Project .. Semantik-OM ...... and is also a member of RED DUST Crew (Spain) .... where collaborates to the realization of CONNECTION Festival (San Nicolàs Del Puerto - Seville ). This passion led him to travel and learn about different countries .. in which he could demonstrate his ability 'as a DJ .. and where he met the great artists who have helped him to improve ... Since 2003 to 2012 he organizes parties in - (Himalaya Mountains) (India) in fabulous places like: Dungri, Himachal Pradesh / Manali , Himachal Pradesh / Vashisht Village, Himachal Pradesh / Nagar Village (Kullu-Valley),Himachal Pradesh / Kasol -Parvaty Valley ,Himachal Pradesh / McLeod Ganj-Dharamshala-Himachal Pradesh / Rishikesh, Uttarakhand / Dehradun , Uttarakhand / & More.......

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