1. Viñeta« Hallulaya », born in Paris in 1991, is the solo project . Passionate since a very young age by the concept of electronic music production, im discovered Dark Progressive at the age of 16, and endless possibilities for creating electronic music. In 2013, im decided to launch his solo project, and integrated the Danish label "Melting Runes Records" with which he released his first E.P. im will also join the French association Atomes Music, and begun a succession of live acts in France and abroad, where he had the opportunity to play alongside big artists such as Kasadelica, Filt and Egorythmia. Hallulaya will make you travel in his gloomiest dreams and make you dance to his most powerful beats. These atmospheres will remind us the 30’s music sonorities, coming straight out from a TV series, or even from metallic beats accompanied by a change of frequency from another galaxy. This mixture gives us a taste of a rather deep progressive style…

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