1. Viñetain the summer of 1987 a small boy was found in a stable near the westcoast of sweden. they came to call the boy Linus, aka Between The Lines. with a humongous passion for sound and music he discovered techno and electronicmusic in 2007 and from there a new world appeared rapidly. he started playing around with cd players first times in 2009-2010 and and from there on he was hooked. since then playing all sorts of psytrance but allways representing HorsePower Productions. BTL would like to thank all of you people and party animals for taking part of this jounrney in between the lines of theese worlds.

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  1. ViñetaEn el verano del ano 1987 nació Linus, o Between The Lines. Con un gigantesco interese y pasion por sonidos y músicas diferentes descubrió el techo y la  música electrónica . En 2007 descubrio un nuevo mundo muy rápido empezo a tocar con Djs y productores como mezclar y en 2009-2010 ya no podría parar. Trabajando con todos los  estilos de psytrance y hoy día representando a HorsePower Productions. BTL quieren saludar a todos los que participan en este viaje "in between the lines"